An exploration of place 
through memory,
history, and scent.

Smell is the sense most strongly linked to memory. Scents can transport us through time and space, allowing us to revisit a person, a place, or even a feeling. But smells can do more than connect us to our own past; they can also connect us to history.

In this project, we have used the sense of smell to explore one geographical location through time, invoking everything from tangy citrus groves to human toil, from the soot produced by a train engine to fresh fruits and vegetables, from soap to sagebrush.

Working with the artists at The Institute for Art and Olfaction, we have harnessed the craft of perfumery to create smellscapes representing specific eras and industries, allowing for a visceral and vital (if not always sensorially pleasant) journey through the history of a crucial Los Angeles landmark.

In the pages below, we give a brief overview of the history of each era, as well as a description of how we chose to evoke it through scent. These olfactory offerings, along with our research on the site's history, will be available for view (and, of course, smell) at the LA Design Festival  June 2019.

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Alameda Heart Notes
An investigation of place through history, memory, and scent.

A SALT project
in collaboration with new friends and neighbors.

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